1 Jun 2018

Butcher ABC: "North of Hell"

The heaviest gore groove known to man
Though North of Hell technically speaking is Japanese gore meistros Butcher ABC's first real album since their humble noisecore beginnings in 1994, it's not that their career has had a shortage of releases. If bands like General Surgery, Haemorrhage and early Carcass gets you hard, you're surely going to like this one!

"Effectively North of Hell feels like a cross-breeding of Celtic Frost ... and Exhumed,"

Butcher ABC's 2018 album offers just 11 choice cuts of prime Japanese meat, served on a platter of surgical steel in the form of simple, knuckle dragging riffs in the most dismal of keys. Effectively North of Hell feels like a cross-breeding of Celtic Frost (I see what you did there on Death in Hell) and Exhumed, in that it's the perfected incarnation of gore-groove.

Each track feels highly moshable if you're so inclined, and especially tracks like Darkness in the Dark and the afforementioned Death in Hell are just pure rot n' roll like we love it. North of Hell is a simple album, but that gruesome groove is just undeniably slick and crushing. The fatal formula used isn't quite as clever as, say, General Surgery, but it's a definite highlight of current goregrinding death metal.


Released in 2017 by Obliteration Records
Released in 2018 by Selfmadegod Records/Headsplit Records


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