30 Jun 2018

Dual Cassette Attack - Out July 16th!

New tapes out soon on TONEwood!
On July 16th TONEwood is releasing TT8-1 and TT9-1. The first of those will be Hiemal's 2017 one-track 40 minute album Vespéral, and the latter is Monarch's 2010 EP Netherthrone.

Hiemal - Vespéral

Hailing from France, the inspiration from Europe's magnificent nature is highly apparent in each nobel wash of sombre instrumentation. Vespéral is a melancholic ambient album, taking cues from the minimalistic synthscapes of the likes of Tangerine Dream and Brian Eno, as well as the darker tones of various dungeon synth names. Forêts Vespérales Et Paysages D'Antan is a 40 minute journey through the vast, nameless wilderness, where primordial forests lay silent.

As a first for TONEwood, Hiemal's album will be released on High Bias Cr02 tapes (Type II), which provide a much brighter sound with the headroom necessitated by this album's aesthetic. Additionally this highly limited edition of just 21 copies comes with thick, glossy j-cards, each hand-numbered as per usual. The finishing touch is provided by wrapping the tape and case in a piece of custom embroidered cloth, which can double as a patch for your jacket if you're so inclined.

Monarch - Netherthrone
Monarch's music is many things. Lethargic electricity, sparking lazily from jagged point to jagged point, every jump an arc unrefined, meandering energy. Three tracks were recorded in 2010, each one a grandiose, yet claustrophobic and oppressive dirge. For years those compositions have gestated on a forgotten hard drive, only to resurface now in 2018.

This is by far the most limited TONEwood release to date with only 15 copies on Halloween Orange tapes, housed in a bright clear acid purple case. Like Hiemal, these copies are hand-numbered, with the booklets printed on sturdy, matte orange card stock.

Both releases are up for pre-order here, and will be shipped out on the 16th of July 2018.


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