26 Jan 2018

Bolido: "Heavy Bombers"

Stone cold heavy metal bombardment
Chile's heavy rock meteorites Bolido pretty much sound exactly like you'd expect from an album with a harsh, angular band logo adorning a picture of war planes carpet bombing the Earth with guitar munitions from orbit. Bolido's brand of heavy and moderately fast classic metal is a strictly no-frills experience, but does it have thrills then? The band's noticably thunderous rhythm section surely brings some personality to their compositions, but with this sort of retro-styled metal it's always a matter of whether or not the band is capable of matching the massive hooks that made the bands that inspired them huge to begin with.

2 Jan 2018

2018: The Future of TONEwood

2018, and What the Future Holds for TONEwood
Okay, the title sounds really serious and foreboding, but TONEwood isn't closing down just yet. After a few weeks of Christmas vacation, TONEwood should return to its regular updating schedule (new stuff every Friday) on the 5th of January.