25 May 2018

Nekrodeus: "Moloch"

Hardened death metal with a black core
I hate to start out a review with classic review tropes, but have you ever wondered what Nasum would sound like if Mieszko had had a hidden infatuation with black metal? Though Austrian quintet Nekrodeus have their roots in burly death metal, their debut full length - Moloch - is essentially a blackened version of Inhale/Exhale.

Nekrodeus is a band that really gets substantial mileage (as well as titanic tonnage) out of the ol' guitar-guitar-bass-drums-vocals line up. Their sound is so beefy you could send vegans running for their lives by playing the album at a mild volume.

"...the heavier leaning toward ... hardcore punk turns Nekrodeus' album into a fearsome beast to be reckoned with."

The Moloch album largely sounds very familiar, and even similar to many contemporaries in both the experimental black and death metal scenes. But the heavier leaning toward what is usually just a hint of hardcore punk turns Nekrodeus' album into a fearsome beast to be reckoned with.

Not every track is an instant hit, with some even bordering on a sloughy meander. If tracks like Weltschmerz pt. I were any more black the police would arrest them for loitering. However, it all feels like it serves a sinister purpose. The slower tracks build and build, and provide some contrast to the faster, grindier tracks. Though I found those tracks to be the more enjoyable ones, there is room for a bit of heavy-handed procrastination every once in a while.


Released in 2018 independently


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