About TONEwood

TONEwood was conceived at some point in 2015, but it wasn't until 2016 before it was realised. Conceived originally as a place for a steady staff of writers to review the music they want to whenever they have the time to, regardless of genre or release year, there’s always something new going on. As such TONEwood is a site based on people’s love for music and willingness to write about it in their free time.

Most sites focus on a particular genre or period, and too many focus on new releases even though there are decades of unexplored albums out there. TONEwood aims to be an amalgam of everything, but held to a standard most sites with user-created content doesn’t quite match.

For potential contributors
If you want to become a contributor, simply write a message to tonewoodsound at gmail dot com to get in touch. Please describe your style, the music you enjoy as well as a few of your favourite groups, and a sample of your writing if possible.

For musicians
Should you be a musician looking to get your material reviewed, please direct press material to tonewoodsound at gmail dot com.
Be advised, however, that we cannot take the time to reply to every e-mail, nor can we promise or guarantee that all the material we receive will be reviewed.

About Staff

Jakob Goul – Editor/Writer – Into a wide array of genres, though mostly heavy metal, synthwave, psychedelic rock and progressive rock. Thanks to Anders Herold for ongoing input.

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