17 Nov 2017

Ieschure: "The Shadow"

Mystic debut which forms a thorough impression of style and concept
Black metal is dangerous territory if you don't have what it takes. There's so much competition, that any band lacking in talent or concept will get snuffed from existence in the blink of an eye. Iescure is an artist that, while dabling in the black arts with some degree of artistic ability, teeters on the edge that separates the bands of tomorrow with those that are bound to be forgotten sooner rather than later.

14 Nov 2017

Collection Addiction #4

Collection Addiction #4
This is mostly a large pre-order from Electronic Purification Records, a label that used to specialise in metal (under the Essential Purification moniker), but now deals solely in synthwave. This entire lot is synthwave, so it's a pretty decent addition to the collection. The sound is mostly phenomenal too!

10 Nov 2017

Nebulosa: "Crepuscular Battle in a Distant Woodland Town"

Naturalistic synths and unusual folk
Nebulosa welcomes you to an abstract fantasy universe with his latest offering. In this universe he calls upon a simple and bare-bone set of instruments to conjure up an image of this world with an instrumentation that feels desolate, windy and lonesome, yet strangely ominous, brooding and imposing

3 Nov 2017

Electric Moon: "Flaming Lake"

Putting the 'space' in space rock
When dealing with albums from Sulatron Records, you know there's always a pretty good chance that it'll be some real top shelf fuzz-tastic psychedelia. Though Electric Moon is still a relatively new band - they formed in 2009 - they were quick to find their sound and, by extension, their niche in the global music scene.

27 Oct 2017

Skull: "Beer, Metal, Spikes"

Still as great today as in 2004
More often than not, the passage of time is the only factor that can truly determine if a release truly holds up. Albums that blow you away at first listen may in the long run prove to blow off their steam too quickly to have lasting appeal, and vice versa an EP that failed to impress at first may grow on you and become a favourite over the years. With Skull's Beer, Metal, Spikes demo tape from 2004, it's sort of a double whammy.

20 Oct 2017

Homegas: "Homegas"

American country folk for those willing to listen
Homegas is one of those gems that you just come randombly across once in a while. And like so often before, it of course comes at a kind of steep price if you want it physically, and you just might have to get the vinyl if you want to legitimately listen to the album as it's not present on any streaming sites.

13 Oct 2017

Wongraven: "Fjelltronen"

Let's return to the past to a simpler time
With Satyricon's newest album, Deep Calleth Upon Deep, being sort of boring, now is a good time to be remembering all the great things Satyr has made over the years. Of course he and Frost have a number of amazing Satyricon albums behind them, but Fjelltronen is an oft overlooked album by Satyr.