20 Apr 2018

Robespierre: "Garden of Hell"

Where's the excitement?
Ancient, overlooked gems of pristine heavy metal is worth more than any measure of gold, and when stories like that of UK's Hell, who returned after 20 years with the phenomenal debut album that never was, surface every so often, there's definitely something enticing about the whole rags-to-riches aspect of the mythos. Perhaps inspired by their success - and/or stories like theirs - Robespierre has been vomited forth from the bowels of the underworld with their first album since they started out back in 1983.

15 Apr 2018


TONEwood Music is thrilled to present Disrule and The Silent Low, for the first time on glorious TAPE!
In 2017, these two Danish groups released an EP, both available only digitally - Until now. Disrule's The MD.441 EP was recorded entirely using the legendary Sennheiser MD.441 microphone which the four-song EP takes its name after, and The Silent Low worked together with famed producer Jacob Bredahl on their third release, From The Underground. Both these mammoth metal-rock release are now available for the first time on physical media, and together for extra value!

13 Apr 2018

Fu Manchu: "Clone of the Universe"

SoCal ramblings galore
Break out your skateboard, grow out your oddly specific beard style, and bring your best sunglasses: It's time for a new Fu Manchu record! If you expect a bunch of sun-baked, tarmac-scented stoner rock tunes, you never really can go wrong with Scott Hill and company.

6 Apr 2018

Anna Von Hausswolff: "Dead Magic"

A bridge over the deep waters that separate styles
Thanks to a former boss who recommended me her previous album, Anna Von Hausswolff is now one of those artists that I continually look forward to hearing from. The Miraculous from 2015 received a 9/10 rating, and I'm happy to say that while 2018's Dead Magic is in many areas a vastly different endeavour, it is absolutely as deserving of the same score.

30 Mar 2018

Bednja: "Doline Su Ostale Iza Nas"

Brooding darkness bisected by equal parts metal and hardcore
From the start it's clear that Croatian black metal practitioners Bednja aren't your average, garden variety black metal group. Though there is expansive tremolo riff-scapes aplenty, their mix also borrows heavily from modern hardcore, adding grooves and interesting melodies - as well as a more shout-oriented vocal style - to the concoction.

23 Mar 2018

Thecodontion: "Thecodontia"

Deadly bass-driven chaos
Who would've ever thought that taxonomy and paleontology would father a metal band? However unlikely it may seem, Thecodontion channel the highly destructive forces of pre-history into a dense state of chaos on their debut demo, Thecodontia.

16 Mar 2018

Galdur: "Age of Legends"

Un-cheesy dungeon music masterpiece
Though at first glance micro-genres like dungeon synth can sound rather restrictive and samey across numerous artists, there are several roads you can take as an artist. Some opt for a folk-inspired approach with many classical, real life instruments, while others emulate the midi-soundtracks of old fantasy RPGs for a more synthetic feel. Others still resort to a more true-to-life orchestral feel. You can count Galdur's 2016 opus Age of Legends among the latter.