22 Sep 2017

Argus: From Fields of Fire

The difficult fourth one? No chance, this is the confident next album!
Debuts are hard, the follow-up is tough and the third one perhaps even more so. So what do you do when you already have three exceptional albums in the bagage? If you do like Argus from Pennsylvania, USA, you keep on going with unabated ardor.

19 Sep 2017

Collection Addiction #1

Collection Addiction #1
Collection Addiction is a new segment of TONEwood in which I will journal my own finds and purchases in music. Feel free to comment on my terrible taste and/or post photos of your own recent purchases and finds!

15 Sep 2017

Seer: Vol. III & IV: Cult of the Void

Half great, half boring, all hard to determine
Seer is one of those bands that for all intents and purposes combines countless stylings together to form something unique. And true to this, Volumes III and IV are works that manage to sound completely new and incredibly well-known at the same time through just eight songs.

8 Sep 2017

Slamophiliac: "Slam Rehab"

Underwritten solo-slam for beginners
In a year where several newcomers and oldies have already released absolutely insane albums, Slamophiliac faces a tough situation. Darryn Palmer, slamophiliac extraordinaire and lover of the loathesome, is one of those types of musicians who may have bitten off more than he can chew. He has dozens of similar bands going simultaneously, most of them in the brutal death metal spectrum. The fact that Slam Rehab sounds like a hackneyed surgery could very possibly be due to his busy release schedule - Slam Rehab is already his second album in 2017 with Slamophiliac.

1 Sep 2017

Panikk: "Discarded Existence"

Hits and misses from Slovenia
The worst thing a band can suffer from is being part of the dime a dozen crowd. At least if you're absolutely terrible you'll still stand out. Nothing is more taunting and antagonistic than a band that is just boring. During my first run through Discarded Existence, the second album from Slovenia's Panikk, this was my immediate concern with these thrashers.

25 Aug 2017

Mindkult: "Lucifer's Dream"

Timeless opium tunes at the edge of the cosmos
Looking for something that takes the edge off every day life? Then let Mindkult's cyclopean riffs crush you with sludgey heaviness instead of your day job and money troubles!

18 Aug 2017

Temple of Void: Lords of Death

Hear and obey the gospel of the riffage!
While we grieve the loss of Lasse Pyykkö as the defacto vocalist of Hooded Menace, we can at the very least take solace in the fact that Temple of Void's newest album, Lords of Death, holds the death-doom torch high enough to burn the face of God.