28 Apr 2017

Swamp Witch: "Gnosis"

The soundtrack to your worst nightmare
Every so often a band will emerge with little to no warning and simply floor you with its sonic output. One such band is Swamp Witch, with their 2011 EP Gnosis, which forcibly injects tainted acid into the veins of the listener and sends them on a journey of murkey, distorted psychedelia.

24 Apr 2017

Defilementory: "The Dismal Ascension"

Restless power erupting in sun-fire torrents
Though three years between releases isn't all that much, it felt like forever when it took so long for Danish technical death metal practitioners Defilementory to release their debut album after the phenomenal Infatuated With Deformity EP from 2011. What originally made them stand out was the prominent bass work, and the fact that they so finely balanced their levels of brutality and technicality in a mix which was both impressive and extremely enjoyable.

21 Apr 2017

Oliver: "Mechanical"

Fans of retro-future synth music, behold!
Though the duo known as Oliver hails from Los Angeles, their sound could easily see them mistaken for a French house group, and indeed they compare favourably to the likes of Justice with a production job as crisp as the air on an exceptionally cold and dry winters day.

17 Apr 2017

Incarceration: "Sacrifice"

The apex predator of death metal
Having garnered much praise through numerous reviews, the Brazilian/German death-thrashers Incarceration are now more or less a household name within certain circles of death. I had the extreme pleasure of witnessing their performance at the last edition of the Danish death metal festival, Kill-Town Death Fest, where they played the smallest stage, Dødsmaskinen. Witnessing their savage performance seemed like a privilege in itself, especially with frontman Daniel sporting his trademark grin throughout the show in front of a packed house. 

14 Apr 2017

Horrific: "Your Worst Nightmare"

Merely horrific by concept - Not by execution!
Good ol' Slasher Dave is arguably most well known in metal for his involvement with Detroit's deathly psychedoomia group Acid Witch, and secondly for his synthy 80s horror film soundtrack-inspired outings. But 2009 also saw him release a solo album under the pseudonym Horrific, with the title Your Worst Nightmare.

10 Apr 2017

Plaguewielder: "Plaguewielder"

Varying depth and an unruly substance, Luxembourg's young ones are a strange lot
Formed in 2012 by Maxime Weber and Nicholas O'Connell, Plaguewielder is one of few bands hailing from the small European country of Luxembourg. Though they later signed with Horror Pain Gore Death Productions, it all started with this ambitious EP from 2013, which offers crushing guitars and surprisingly varied drumming.

7 Apr 2017

Ozric Tentacles: "Jurassic Shift"

Obviously not completely hidden away, but nevertheless an oft overlooked classic
Though some consider them a mainstay in progressive and psychedelic rock, Ozric Tentacles remain one of the UK's best kept secrets. Their output since the 80s has been consistent in both volume and quality, with their trademark adventurous rhythmsection with overpowering melodies changing very little over the years.

5 Apr 2017

TONEwood TAPES - Update


The second pressing of FORDÆRV's Fy For Satan and the TELEPORT double-EP Galactic Usurper / Stellar Damnation are finally here and immediately available through our Tictail shop!

3 Apr 2017

Black Rock: "Black Rock"

Down to basics take on thrashy, blackened speed metal
Black Rock might be one of the most fitting band names in recent times; The Finnish crust punk and Hellhammer aficionados from the township of Hyvinkää take the term 'rock n roll' and extrapolates it to fit a blackened speed metal aesthetic coupled with a raw, shouting vocal style in a simple setting.