23 Mar 2018

Thecodontion: "Thecodontia"

Deadly bass-driven chaos
Who would've ever thought that taxonomy and paleontology would father a metal band? However unlikely it may seem, Thecodontion channel the highly destructive forces of pre-history into a dense state of chaos on their debut demo, Thecodontia.

There is a strange sense of genius involved in the distorted bass leads that take up the majority of the soundspace on this demo tape. Though paired with vocals and far-back drums, the dirty heaviness of that bass borders on the incredible.

"...fans of filthy black metal ... should be pleased..."

The duo consisting of bassist Stilgar and vocalist Heliogabalus - the term 'singer' seems inappropriate - builds immense momentum across the four tracks, harkening back to the wild ramblings of Hellhammer, Blasphemy or Revenge. Likewise, fans of filthy black metal in the vain of Cultes des Ghoules and Void Meditation Cult as well as the Antediluvian/Mitochondrion crowd should be pleased with this offering of deadly metal from the Cambrian period.


Released in 2018 by Gravplass Propaganda


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