31 Mar 2017

Morfin: "Consumed by Evil"

The perfect example why sound matters almost as much as songwriting
Never judge an album by its cover, because this one looks unmistakingly like a terrible tech-death album, but what is found within contrasts that notion with a lethal dose of death metal in the vein of early Death and Asphyx. Everybody's talking about Gruesome when the subject falls on a new take on Death's classic style, but where is Morfin in this discussion?

27 Mar 2017

Frozen Realm: "Frozen Realm"

A closed fist in the face of their own heroes
Once the acoustic guitar intro to Frozen Realm's debut EP of the same name breaks into an orgy of flashy guitar melodies, there can be no doubt as to the nature of the Swedish band. Balls deep in the long-standing tradition of the Gothenburg sound, Frozen Realm break into full-fledged melodic death metal, complete with every element that the definition entails.

24 Mar 2017

Theory: "The Art of Evil"

Far away from the usual dime-a-dozen prog bands of today
On a personal note, the only progressive metal band that ever truly spoke to me is Symphony X, and even so it is probably their power metal side that speaks the loudest. Oddly enough, I'm a huge fan of 70s and 80s prog rock, but the vast majority of progressive metal just hasn't appealed that much to me.

20 Mar 2017

Uncoffined: "Ritual Death and Funeral Rites"

Murky horror worship of close-to international class
The perfect mix between the heaviness of doom metal and the rotten aggression of death metal can be hard to point out, and different ratios may work for different bands. Bands like Asphyx and Autopsy hit the nail straight on the head with their first try, and have been churning out kick-ass records every since. British death-doom practitioners Uncoffined subscribe to a slightly different style, more reliant on horror and down-trodden moods.

17 Mar 2017

Milez Grimez & Raw: "Pearly Gates"

Street knowledge from the afterlife
Milez Grimez hails from Rhode Island, New England and comes from a family of musicians and artists, so music was in his blood from an early age. Milez Grimez started out his career in the hip hop game back in 2000 when he attended an open mic session at a Talib Kweli show. The positive crowd reaction he got made him eager to pursue a career in hip hop. Since then he’s been featured on a wide range of tracks by prominent rappers like Apathy, Kool G Rap & Crooked I. First time i got aware of his rhyme skills was in 2015 alongside Ruste Juxx & Rock Of Heltah Skeltah in the video for Raw Deal off the Boston based producer Bombdrop’s Dark Dayz Album, where he displayed a tight, competent, aggressive and skilled flow and rhyme scheme. His lyrics was thug/horrorcore related, but showing a certain finesse that transcends what we’re used to from the genre, at least in my opinion.

13 Mar 2017

Forsaken Legion: "Seeds of Black Dawn"

Not exactly a forward-thinking piece of metal history, but not completely without flavour either
Once Switzerland was a place where legends formed, with Hellhammer - and subsequently Celtic Frost and Triptykon - being the reigning kings of metal there. Recently the country of Switzerland has begun stirring anew with the miasmic sounds of Bölzer resounding through proverbial catacombs. But enough talk of Switzerland's exports of metal - Everybody knows, or at the very least should know of, bands like Samael and Coroner. Let us instead deal with the Swiss underground, Forsaken Legion in particular.

10 Mar 2017

Apokrifna Realnost: "Na Rekah Vavilonskih"

Little regard for current trends in what could be an obscure gem's second wind
It's time to practice some musical archeology - Apokrifna Realnost's only release, Na Rekah Vavilonskih, was originally released in 1988 in a strictly limited run of cassettes in lavish packaging. Now it has been unearthed and re-released by AnnapurnA in 2017, ready for its resurrection and, perhaps, long-due recognition.

6 Mar 2017

Asilo: "Comunión"

Sonic attacks on the mind
Turmoil breeds frustration and anger, which in turn breeds outlets for that frustration. South America has had a rich history dating back to the early 80s of metal bands expressing their anger through their music and lyrics, and like those legendary and trendsetting bands from the days of yore, the four-man group Asilo from Argentina presents a lyrical universe revolving around themes such as politics and the suffering it can bring, set to a soundtrack of furious and often dangerously calm mix of doom-laden drones drenched in grimy sludge.

3 Mar 2017

Friendship: "I&II"

Hateful mires of liquid metal
Sentient Ruin Laboratories from Oakland, California, have never been a label to skimp on music's outcast misfits. Be it grindcore, extreme metal or noise, this indie label are true purveyors of extremity. SRL have just now compiled two EPs of absurdly crushing Japanese powerviolence into one single nuclear crucicle of raw disregard and abrasiveness with Friendship's I&II.