16 Feb 2018

Sammal: "Suuliekki"

Brilliant fourth entry from Finnish prog-rockers
When a piece of music is excessively catchy it often comes with the issue that you grow tired of it quicker. Catchiness often comes from simple, repeated melodies and easy-to-follow song structures. But Sammal's brand of catchiness is a creature entirely different. Every time I receive a new Sammal release in my inbox, it takes exactly one listen to get the entire album stuck in my head.

"...their heavily stylised prog rock concept is filled to the brim with intricate hooks,"

Suuliekki is Sammal's third album, though I'm tempted to write fourth because the No.2 EP from 2014 felt like a finished album unto itself rather than the usual lose ideas thrown together type of deal. And as usual, their heavily stylised prog rock concept is filled to the brim with intricate hooks, be it barbed guitar riffs, smooth organ melodies or an eccentric mix of the two.

You could easily get lost in an album like Suuliekki. The Finnish band has a way of making the flow between tracks seamless to the point where you'd end up listening to the album three or four times before realising it. The various organs and keys are laced around the crunchy guitars in soft curves, surging and condensing in pleasant waves of fuzz. It seems that I will never tire of Sammal's full throated calls to the 70s prog rock scene and their more modern leanings.


Released in 2018 by Svart Records


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