20 Feb 2018

Collection Addiction #10

Collection Addiction #10
When you add something to your end-year list of best releases, you better put your money where your mouth is and add those albums to your collection too. Aaand there are a few others too, of course.

Bolt Thrower: ...For Victory (LP)
So this one finally made it to my collection. As far as I know, this one and The IVth Crusade weren't included in the reissues of the rest of the Bolt Thrower discography a few years back, so I hadn't gotten around to getting this one. One major gripe I have is that all my other Bolt Thrower vinyls are in gatefold covers, whereas ...For Victory (and The IVth Crusade, which I still need to buy) are in regular covers. It's really annoying, but obviously just a visual grievance. Great to finally have this one!

The Sons of Crom: The Black Tower (LP)
My number 1 choice of best metal albums in 2017. It was a real surprise to me, but the mix of heavy metal, Bathory-esque viking themes, and black metal really struck a chord with me. What a great album.

The Night Flight Orchestra: Amber Galactic (2xLP)
This one was my choice for second best non-metal album of 2017, and anyone into catchy songwriting and 80s rock ought to agree. Its anthem-like compositions are instant winners with most crowds, and friends of mine who are mostly into metal even seem to agree. There are the naysayers that say it's too cheesy and over the top, but just there is where NFO's strengths lie! They're not stepping down from the task.

The World is Burning OST (LP)
Found this really cheap, and I couldn't pass it up. Never seen the film that this is the soundtrack for, but the aesthetic of organic, naturalistic folk tunes in a simple environment is a sure winner. The album is composed and performed by musicians from Hexvessel, and obviously the music bears some definite similarities with the works of Hexvessel, but you won't see me complaining.

Sorcerer: The Crowning of the Fire King (2xLP)
I was contemplating writing a piece on the disappearance of good, clean and powerful vocals with catchy vocal melodies from modern metal, but then I heard Sorcerer and realised that I had just been looking in the wrong places. With bands like Argus, Visigoth and these guys, we're actually being spoiled. This epic doom/traditional heavy conglomeration isn't just one of 2017's best albums, it's one of the best post-2000 albums, period.

That's it for this installment. The next segments will come whenever I get new stuff worth posting. Smaller hauls will likely get thrown together for one larger post.

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