10 Nov 2017

Nebulosa: "Crepuscular Battle in a Distant Woodland Town"

Naturalistic synths and unusual folk
Nebulosa welcomes you to an abstract fantasy universe with his latest offering. In this universe he calls upon a simple and bare-bone set of instruments to conjure up an image of this world with an instrumentation that feels desolate, windy and lonesome, yet strangely ominous, brooding and imposing

The artist from Saranac Lake is a master in the arts of conveying emotion through music. Though perhaps the compositions in themselves aren't too interesting or flashy, it also feels like they're not supposed to be. Nebulosa's music is arguably more about the evocation of a world with everything in it through sound.

"...in the musical style that some call dungeon synth."

Its decisively sparse instrumentation focused on crafting a distant, foggy soundscape puts Nebulosa somewhere in the wildlands between ambient and traditional folk, in the musical style that some call dungeon synth. The musical universe of Crepuscular Battle is made up of meagre, shrill bowing of psaltery, far away, heavily reverbed battle drums, and pads of minimalistic synthesizer washes.

The lingering sounds and lurking melodies of Escape of the Eons-Old Adversary stands out both as a track composed primarily of synths (in contrast the remaining tracks, which feature more layered instrumentation), and as a mood-wise climax of the album. Over the course of about 25 minutes, Nebulosa manages to tell a word-less story. It is far less epic in scope than many other dungeon synth albums, but also seems to aim for a more austere yet down-to-earth approach. Don't expect far reaching instrumentation and many-layered compositions, but expect instead a rough journey through forests and battles.


Released in 2017 by Hollow Myth


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