3 Nov 2017

Electric Moon: "Flaming Lake"

Putting the 'space' in space rock
When dealing with albums from Sulatron Records, you know there's always a pretty good chance that it'll be some real top shelf fuzz-tastic psychedelia. Though Electric Moon is still a relatively new band - they formed in 2009 - they were quick to find their sound and, by extension, their niche in the global music scene.

As evident on Flaming Lake from 2011, only 3 years into their journey through space, the German trio found their place on top of a mountain of reverb, resounding with the frequency of the cosmos. Don't let yourself be fooled: Though Flaming Lake is recorded in a live setting, as these albums often are due to their highly improvisational nature, the sound is absolutely stellar.

"...the album should of course be played loud for the full effect."

Though improvisational in nature, Electric Moon proved early on that they were masters of progression and flow. As such their colourful and vivid soundscapes laden with fuzz, reverb and an assortment of other effects, can move effortlessly from stoned out trips to spacey freak outs. Their sound is ever evocative and enthralling - And the album should of course be played loud for the full effect.

Through four tracks (with the shortest clocking in just shy of 17 minutes) the group never truly falters. They never double down or fall back on safe movements, but rather keep the song going through roiling evolution. The Germans lay the ground works with a rock solid rhythmic base comprised of the dynamics between Komet Lulu's bass and Alex's drumming in slightly repetitive patterns on which Sula Bassana expands with his array of effects and guitar work. The group's internal dynamic and ability to follow and lead one another is top tier, and Electric Moon never disappoint.


Released in 2011 by Sulatron Records


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