14 Nov 2017

Collection Addiction #4

Collection Addiction #4
This is mostly a large pre-order from Electronic Purification Records, a label that used to specialise in metal (under the Essential Purification moniker), but now deals solely in synthwave. This entire lot is synthwave, so it's a pretty decent addition to the collection. The sound is mostly phenomenal too!

Hyboid: UFOs Over Berlin (Grey 12")
Hyboid: UFOs Over Berlin (Black 12")
Yeah, I bought both the black and the grey version by accident. I'm not much of a "get one of each" kind of guy - I'd rather get more records - but in the hurry to order before everything was sold out, I mistakenly ordered both of these. I don't often buy singles, but Hyboid has a pretty unique - if strange - sound that I enjoy, so I thought I might as well get this.

Mitch Murder: The Real Deal EP (12")
It's not often we get new physical releases from Mitch Murder, and when we do you gotta be fast. I regularly get bids on my copy of Interceptor, although I have no intention of selling it. With Mitch Murder you never really go wrong. His style helped shape synthwave in the early years, and it still works and stands out today. Great little EP. However, one of the reasons I rarely buy singles is that they're usually 45rpm rather than 33rpm, and the same goes for The Real Deal. As I have a Rega recordplayer, changing the speed is kind of a hassle as you'd have to lift off the plate and manually flip the drive band to another drive wheel. Annoying.

Sung: Anthology (2LP)
Sung is one of those artists that I totally missed the first time around. I took a leap of faith ordering this, but it definitely payed off. In a genre where the groups are starting to sound more and more alike, Sung has kept it real and manages to stand out more than most. This 2LP collects 4 EPs, and the style is perfection. The sound is reeeeally good too!

OGRE: 195 (LP)
This is an older acquaintance for me. I can't even remember how I came across it originally, but the album really struck me as something different. The video game and film soundtrack influences are very prominent with OGRE, and FINALLY it's out on vinyl. And on delicious blue-green swirly vinyl too. True to the ERP standard, the sound is incredible. There's a few funny misspellings on the cover though, like the spine that says "ORGE".

VHS Dreams: Trans Am (LP)
I missed the original pressing of this made by VHS Dreams, but luckily for me ERP made this reissue, which seems to be pretty similar (if not almost identical) to the original pressing. VHS Dreams' style is more chill and poppy than what I usually prefer with synthwave, but it has become a modern classic in the genre nonetheless.

Various Artists: FURI OST (2LP)
This soundtrack has been on my wishlist for a while. I missed the original run, but when I decided to trade my copy of Perturbator's Dangerous Days 2LP, I got this and some other stuff in trade. As I've written about in the past, I really couldn't get into Perturbator. This soundtrack, however, is pure genious. It features songs from the likes of Carpenter Brut, Danger, Waveshaper and others. I've not played the game yet, but perhaps I should. The OST is enough for me though!

Robert Parker: Awakening (LP)
Robert Parker: Crystal City (LP)
These two are some really good synthwave records. Very concise style, but also incredibly catchy in the long run. Not to be confused with the saxofonist of the same name, this Swedish duo have actually been going at it for a while, but I never noticed them before the release of these two records on ERP. Both albums have been out on other labels before (NewRetroWave and Lazerdisc Records respectively), but these are the ERP reissues.

A few words on my shopping habits
Those who know the synthwave community know that scalpers are absolutely RAMPANT, and pressings such as those from Blood Music and EPR that are usually just a few hundred copies are likely to become sold out on the day that they become available. So, if you're not fast, you're gonna have to pony up 100 € per record on Discogs. Luckily, represses have started to come in fashion, so it's slowly helping. For a guy like me, that's great, because I don't really care all that much about having the first pressing of something.

That's it for this installment. The next segments will come whenever I get new stuff worth posting. Smaller hauls will likely get thrown together for one larger post.

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