17 Nov 2017

Ieschure: "The Shadow"

Mystic debut which forms a thorough impression of style and concept
Black metal is dangerous territory if you don't have what it takes. There's so much competition, that any band lacking in talent or concept will get snuffed from existence in the blink of an eye. Iescure is an artist that, while dabling in the black arts with some degree of artistic ability, teeters on the edge that separates the bands of tomorrow with those that are bound to be forgotten sooner rather than later.

The Ukrainean - who has before been featured on a number of Moloch records - compels with a sturdy grasp of the many nuances of black metal. Though primarily inclined toward the depressive sort, taking notes from the likes of Xasthur especially, Ieschure is an artist of many voices from the raw rasp, over menacing spoken word, to grand choruses.

"The riffs are mostly competent and delivered with every bit of enthusiasm that one could hope for,"

Likewise the music itself revolves around various atmospherics and downtrodden moods, but a few tracks favour a more traditional approach. The riffs are mostly competent and delivered with every bit of enthusiasm that one could hope for, but in the long run most of the compositions tend to become a bit standard and forgettable.

Though in the wide sense the compositions are multi-layered with facets of ethereal choral sections and sparse synth work to deliver a wide soundscape that contrasts with the destructive guitar tremolos and arpeggios, there are times when it seems almost formulaic. The vocals certainly are unique, but sometimes unique in the same way that a child's shop class birthday gift to his or her parents is unique.

The smooth voicings of the chorus often feel like they could have been more thoroughly implemented. Ieschure's depressive chord cycles work well as a general rule, and the same can be said for the clean sound of the choruses. Especially Condemned to Death struck me as a stand out effort on an album that otherwise tends to be a bit dull, and generally speaking, the tendency seems to be that most of these songs are a bit to nondescript for a scene so oversaturated with more competent bands. The Shadow isn't a completely worthless effort, but the good stuff is way too far apart.


Released in 2017 by Iron Bonehead Productions


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