27 Oct 2017

Skull: "Beer, Metal, Spikes"

Still as great today as in 2004
More often than not, the passage of time is the only factor that can truly determine if a release truly holds up. Albums that blow you away at first listen may in the long run prove to blow off their steam too quickly to have lasting appeal, and vice versa an EP that failed to impress at first may grow on you and become a favourite over the years. With Skull's Beer, Metal, Spikes demo tape from 2004, it's sort of a double whammy.

Beer, Metal, Spikes isn't about hiding Skull's allegiance to obscure old school metal. Rather, they show you their intentions right off the bat. If you're into gritty, dirty thrash metal, chances are the band's rapid fire guitar licks and shouted vocals hit home right away, but in the years since its release, it has actually managed to stay relavant in the face of the rising over-produced retro-thrash movement.

"...the ever speeding thrash metal tropes work like a charm every time."

The Colombian band have spared no expenses when it comes to metal clich├ęs, but when paired with their balls-to-the-wall approach to songwriting, the ever speeding thrash metal tropes work like a charm every time. Through their seven tracks, each packed tight with no frills, all thrills riffs, Skull assault your senses from every possible angle.

If you're more into virtuosic instrumentalism, complex songwriting and award-winning sound engineering, you should probably get your deadly dose of thrash elsewhere. But if you like your metal with simple, easy to follow and fast as fuck riffs played with passion and scissor beats from hell, this is definitely where it's at. This still goes several years after its initial release.


Released in 2004 by Trauma Records


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