20 Oct 2017

Homegas: "Homegas"

American country folk for those willing to listen
Homegas is one of those gems that you just come randombly across once in a while. And like so often before, it of course comes at a kind of steep price if you want it physically, and you just might have to get the vinyl if you want to legitimately listen to the album as it's not present on any streaming sites.

Not a whole lot is known about Homegas apart from what is stated on the record itself, which is basically just the credits. The group only ever recorded and released this one album back in 1970, but as hidden gems go, it's a quite unique offering of bluegrass, americana and country.

The eponymous album starts out with the technically highly accomplished track Bumblebee which sets a brisk pace of upbeat guitars. The album quickly takes a turn into blues territory with Bulldozer Blues, however, where harp players Dave Brock and Jim Barden really get to work.

"...their down to earth demeanour ... has so much personality,"

But each track has its own life. It's not like Homegas' only album is a one-of-a-kind accomplishment, because it does sound very of its time, but their down to earth demeanour and layered instrumentation, together with Dave Satterfield and Peter Aceves' vocals, has so much personality that you really can't go wrong, even if you're not heavily into country music.

Homegas isn't country music like Brad Paisley or Toby Keith or whatever, and perhaps stays a little more true to the roots of the sound of Appalachia. It's unendingly charming and authentic to listen to, whether they keep tempoes high or lay back in the mid-day sun for a bluesy folk tune.


Released in 1970 by Takoma

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