16 Jun 2017

Gestapolis: "Amagerland"

Amagerbro grindcore warmachine!
With grindcore it's no good to just claim something as being no-holds-barred, unrelenting, or extreme, because that's basically just the name of the game. There are other factors to take into account instead, otherwise you would just be describing every grindcore band ever.

Denmark's now-defunct grind masters Gestapolis are completely bonkers. They hurl themselves into flailing fury only to immediately fall down into frantic grooves, like if Insect Warfare were being incredibly obvious with their progression.

"That's just the kind of band Gestapolis are."

Amagerland is thuggish as all hell, with Gestapolis' screamer proudly exclaiming "breakdown!" just before the band goes on a bout of low-brow chugging. Similarly, another song features a sound snippet from Arnold Schwarzenegger. That's just the kind of band Gestapolis are.

Great songwriting aside, Amagerland is primarily for those who like their grindcore with more than a touch of hardcore. Long stretches of insanity come to grinding halts with much slower and heavier passages, and it's all about that contrast between high speed and slower tempoes.


Released in 2013 independently


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