9 Jun 2017

Demon Head: "Thunder on the Fields"

Bluesy Heavy Rock Thunder from Denmark
With exceptional and prominent bands praciticing the style like Horisont, Kadavar, Witchcraft, Graveyard and many, many more, the sort of proggy sound of 70's-tinged hard rock is back in full vigour. Add to this roster the Danes in Demon Head, and you've got yourself a fully fledged 'scene' with a lot going on.

Haters will say that all the bands in this style sound alike, and true, there can be no doubt that all these groups have more or less taken cues from the exact same bands, and the sound of crunchy guitars, pumping bass and tinny vocal production seems almost omni present. Instead let's look at the heart of Demon Head: The songwriting.

"their newest effort is more than just an elaboration on their style."

Few bands even come close to the affectionate authenticity found in the riffs on Thunder on the Fields. Ride the Wilderness, the band's previous album released in 2015, saw them crafting their style with great care and a deep rooted nostalgia, but their newest effort is more than just an elaboration on their style. It shows a band who have become even more confident in their performance, and with good reason.

Each of the seven tracks is a slow burning head-bopper, but every once in a while the group break character to slow down or speed up, so that those who seek darker or heavier thrills might even launch themselves into headbanging, beer-guzzling frenzies. Demon Head is neither overly druggy, sloppy or over-produced. They've found the perfect mix between old school dirt and modern clarity to fit their phenomenal compositions.


Released in 2017 by The Sign Records (CD/LP) / Caligary Records (Tape/Digital)


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