23 Jun 2017

U.D.S.: "Too Fast for Love"

Thuggish grindcore beatings
Self-proclaimed practitioners of goreviolence, U.D.S. curate their brand of ghetto grindcore with all knobs turned to maximum. They're not too fancy to not include a bunch of pitch shifted vocals to go with their devastating low-end grooves either!

U.D.S. utilise every trick in the book, and with great skill. It's not that Too Fast For Love - Perhaps named after the Mötley Crüe song? - is a virtuosic masterpiece of songwriting and technical prowess, but it sure is everything a grindcore album should be.

"...the approach works."

Just about 15 minutes in length, Too Fast For Love has lots of rusted scissor beats, hardcore grooves and strings so heavy they could be dipped in tar. U.D.S. certainly aren't being smart about their music, but the approach works. Apart from their own compositions, the cover of Turbonegro's Denim Demon is a welcome addition in the groovy goreviolence style of Danish grinders.


Released in 2014 by Wargame Records


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