5 Jun 2017

Excision: "The Drowning Tear"

A gem of death metal with few side steps
A band like Excision from Netherlands never really got an international break and is as such one of those well-hidden gems of the metal underground. Even a split with Paul Speckmann's Master from 1996 and the Dreamality full length album from the same year couldn't give them a true breakthrough, but there's some definite quality in their quirky darkness.

Over their 8 year existence the band weren't all that productive, producing only the abovementioned releases and two demos. The Drowning Tear demo from 1993 - the one in question here - offers four tracks of semi-progressive death metal. The style isn't completely far out for its time, but for a demo of '93 it has unusually good production.

"minor details that make the piece stand out from the crowd,"

My Black-Shining Sun and Melancholy stand as the two stand-out tracks of the demo, on which Excision mix together a heavy sound with a unique style of melody, while still pummeling endlessly with hardened brutality. For a demo like The Drowning Tear there are a multitude of minor details that make the piece stand out from the crowd, like the general structure of The Burning Mirror, where the band gradually increase the speed. 

These minor details, however, often prove to be a downside too. An instance of this is the overuse of cheesy stuff like clean guitars and synths. Excision pulls through with groovy death metal riffing and masterful growling, though, and while they might not be on the level of Nocturnus or Morbid Angel, they're definitely a gem worth checking out.


Released in 1993 independently

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