2 Jun 2017

Muka: "Sveta Stoka"

While playing the imitation game, Muka found their own sound in tightly-knit chaos
Listening to Muka's 2017 EP Sveta Stoka at full volume allows one to fully appreciate their dissonant, intricate layering. Each track is a roaring flurry of bone-crunching processions, echoing efforts by bands such as Deathspell Omega, but never resorting to straight up imitation.

The five tracks on Sveta Stoka have an esoteric taste, but is performed in way that is vivid and almost theatrical. Their tracks are already long, but the EP is one of few instances where it feels like the tracks could go on for much longer without crossing over into tediousness.

"...they've ... succeeded in creating an oppressive monolith heavy with claustrophobic weight."

With this sort of drawn-out sludgy black metal, focus is often on the structures and sound rather than the riffs themselves, and while this is also the case with Muka in the broader sense, they've mastered the structure and have succeeded in creating an oppressive monolith heavy with claustrophobic weight.

Sveta Stoka is very of its time. You can almost smell the incense burning and the chemicals of the fog machine while your third eye is assailed by a strobe light. But Muka are adept at adding their own heavy groove which ties this churning piece together in a gordian knot of distrotion and noise.


Released in 2017 independently


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