8 Jun 2016

Dèigh: "Nothingness"

Blatant disregard for quality or musicianship
Having started out some time in 2012 in Madrid, Spain, Dèigh as an entity works its way towards the term abrasive black metal with a demo in 2012 and the Nothingness EP in 2013. Precious little is know about the project, however, by the time Nothingness is released, pertaining to the traditional atmosphere of mystique surrounding many branches of black metal.

Calling one single track less than six minutes in length an EP may be exaggerating slightly, but Nothingless is nonetheless labeled as such. The track is, in essence, split in two parts. The first section is dominated by harshly distorted guitars really going at it, whereas the latter segment is ripe with clean strings and cymbals.

"...cymbals crash ad nauseum with no sense of timing,"

But at heart, Nothingness is so vastly terrible as to be almost hard to describe in words. It is exceptionally poorly written and sloppily executed, even by bedroom black metal standards. There is no atmosphere in the sound, no building progression, no energy. During the distorted parts, cymbals crash ad nauseum with no sense of timing, and in the quieter segment, Dèigh has coupled the strings with atrociously programmed drums. 

Perhaps the track is named after the sense of reckless abandon M. no doubt felt while writing this abomination unto music. He must not have even listened to the finished product before uploading it, because I can't imagine anyone would ever okay something so inadequate as this track.


Released in 2013 independently


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