10 Jun 2016

Forteresse: "Thèmes pour la rébellion"

News from Canada's prime metal export bodes well
It's time to dust off the accent button on your keyboard, the Canadian black metal scene is stirring once again! Athros, Moribond and company return with another dose of black metal from the northern hemisphere, fully five years since their last album.

From their debut in 2006 until the release of the critiqued fourth album Crépuscule d'Octobre in 2011, Forteresse had a long streak of releases coming out at regular intervals. But apart from a single track, Wendigo, on the 2014 split with three other Canadian black metal acts, the Québécois separatists have been laying suspiciously low.

"Forteresse's soundscapes are forged in boiling hot melodies,"

The result of this downtime, however, is no joking matter. Though Thèmes pour la rébellion is highly formulaic, like most similar bands, it simply WORKS. Where many contemporaries rely - often in excess - on airy atmospheres created by long stretches of distorted sounds and synths, Forteresse's soundscapes are forged in boiling hot melodies, burning with the flames of extreme tremolos.

There is no time to slow down when the fires of rebellion burn bright, and with their fifth album, Forteresse achieve quite the momentous celebration of their 10 year anniversary as a band.

Thèmes pour la rébellion is definitely not the most varied of black metal albums - As a matter of fact, the Canadian quartet rarely slow down at all. But the riffs are certainly not without atmosphere. The layered guitars soar, accompanied by the exceptionally fast and engaging drumming, and take their compositions to heights many dare not even dream of. From the hands of one of Canada's most prolific black metal bands of today, Thèmes is exceptional in its execution and shows a band who are not yet ready to completely give up the mantle.


Released in 2016 by Sepulchral Productions


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