6 Jun 2016

Stranglion Rot: "Rotten Heart of Evil"

Culmination of zeal and an urge to create, Stranglion Rot delivers a good piece of death metal
Throwing Finland's musical heritage of gloomy, doom-inspired death metal to the wind, one-man project Stranglion Rot unleashes 22 minutes of fast d-beat death metal on Rotten Heart of Evil. Hailing from an unknown part of Finland, the album sounds more akin to something produced in 90s Sweden, opting for barbed wire strings, jackhammer drums and hoarse growls.

Relying on sheer riffing rather than a more composed wholesomeness, Stranglion Rot does not hold back. At times the arrangements come off as the ramblings of an inexperienced songwriter, but sole member Hietala often manages to get the message across through his hellishly catchy guitar lines.

It seems obvious that he is, above all else, a guitarist. The riffing is dominating, while the drums lack imagination, both in terms of variation and speed. This, among other striking deficiencies such as the weakly delivered vocals, detracts the value achieved by Stranglion Rot's enticing riffs.

"Hietala does what he's best at..."

Rotten Heart of Evil sounds like the result of several years of metal worship, culminating in that familiar urge to create and perform. Hietala does what he's best at - shredding out a few memorable riffs - while tossing almost everything else aside.

As a whole, the album has a title deserving of the type of atmosphere the Finnish musician lets loose. There are plenty of quality death metal pay offs, but the album as a whole is prevented from taking off, weighed down by boring drumming and lacklustre vocal payloads. There is something to be wanted, but Stranglion Rot delivers with youthful vigour and engagement.


Released in 2012 by Fatal Judgement Records


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