15 May 2016

Lamia Hyde and the Southern Witches: "Conjuring Lamia"

A band that gives bad music a worse name
Lamia Hyde and the Southern Witches is, in itself, a rather awful band name. With a biography that pretentiously lists their style as dark, hypnotic music with a touch of inspiration from black metal, mythology and horror films, hopes that their debut demo Conjuring Lamia can be anything other than dreadful are slim. However, one must have an open mind.

The artwork in itself doesn't do much to stave off the previous assumption. Resembling the mindbogglingly badly executed drawings of a demented third grader, it would seem fair to assume that the band isn't serious. But it is. While the biography makes no mention of any members it wouldn't be entirely unlikely that Lamia Hyde and the Southern Witches is, in fact, a one-man band - It simply doesn't seem feasible that the photos and "artwork" would've been okayed by an entire group of people.

"There seems to be very little ... context between the individual parts..."

For the most part the four short songs that make up this eleven minute demo sound like they are comprised of a variety of parts slapped together at a whim. There seems to be very little, if any at all, context between the individual parts that make up the songs, or the inbetween the songs for that matter. Sometimes an instrument will completely fall out only to come back a note or two later, furthering the feel of amateurishness.

Conjuring Lamia has absolutely no artistic merrit or musical value. The demo obviously didn't spawn on its own. Someone has spent time writing and recording this. That notion in itself is almost as disturbing as how offendingly bad this demo is. It shows no respect for craftsmanship or talent whatsoever. Every element from the poorly performed guitars and delirious vocals to the awkward drumming and shoddy bassline feels out of place.


Released in 2012 independently

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