16 May 2016

Belfegore: "Belfegore"

Glimmering in the darkness of the mid-eighties
Throughout the gothic rock scene's height of popularity in the 80s Belfegore, a three-piece from Germany, stands out now as one of the seemingly forgotten gems, and a testament to the era's sound outside of the UK. Belfegore's career was short-lived, however, and in the few years they were active they produced only a few releases, most notable of which is arguably their self-titled album from 1984. Nowadays the album is widely available, partially because of Elektra's wide production and distribution of the album back then.

The debut opens with the engaging gothic party rocker anthem "All That I Wanted", the closest the band ever came to an actual hit. The band extends to us a warm welcome with thriving, quirky melodies. Though not as bombastic as The Sisters of Mercy, or as musically distinctive as The Southern Death Cult, Belfegore stand out as being more accessible than Bauhaus or similar post punk groups. The band's obsessive-compulsive rhythm section is sure to grab attention and hold it with confident and boldly executed electric synths, melodies and backtracking sequencers.

"...it is a band that feels sure of their style and confident in their execution."

Being a little late to the ball - Most of the best known albums of the genre came out in the early 80s - Belfegore at the time didn't turn many heads. It wasn't easy-going enough to excite the mainstream, and it wasn't weird or extreme enough to strike a chord in the underground, landing them flat in between with only a modest audience. The development as the band dissolved the year after the self-titled album came out is regrettable. Though only garnering the band moderate popularity and airplay, it is a band that feels sure of their style and confident in their execution. Belfegore is enthrallingly charming and atmospheric, inviting you on a journey to off-limits industrial wastelands and sprawling nighttime metropoles.


Released in 1984 by Elektra


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