14 May 2016

Agamotto: "Agamotto"

Unfriendly music for dark thoughts and contemplation
Though perhaps lacking a bit of the first mover credibility of entities such as Brian Eno, Steve Reich, Lustmord or Throbbing Gristle, Agamotto borrows heavily from all those. Mixing industrial and ambient fluctuations in a current of deviating intensity and feel, the Italian being rests surely on groundwork lain by great predecessors.

As a three track full length each composition is rather lengthy, even by ambient standards. The first track, Solomon Grundy, offers thick and imposing ambience with hints of creepy foreign entities. Eric Dolphy, the second composition, moreso captures the same feel of unhinged madness that groups like Nurse With Wound have often experimented with. Lastly, Antonio Margheriti manages to succesfully recap the legwork done by the two initial tracks in one arrangement of incredible length. It is an amalgam of unbridled chaotic industrial un-melodies into a sphere of dark ambience which seems at the same time both heavy and hypnotic.

"...like a rapture from hell."

Largely resorting to an eerie and burdening aesthetic, the self-titled album in many ways feels like a coarse heavy metal album. But rather than relying on captivating riffs and memorable choruses, the Italian project aims to envelop the listener with its expansive fogs of atmospheric vibes. The mix of chaotic noise with sinister but calculated forebodings is like a rapture from hell.

Agamotto's debut takes you on a journey through bleak soundscapes with many surreal and horrific stops along the way. But as an introduction to the genre it lacks the inclusiveness of artists like Lustmord, leaving it as a product intended for those already initiated in the dark arts of ambience. A bit unambitious, the Italian project seems to suffer from being too unremarkable among peers.


Released in 2012 by Cosmic Swamp Records


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