24 May 2016

Dying Inside: "Dystopia"

Surfin' Nicaragua on waves of melody and groove
As is the current trend, the melodic death metal outfit from Nicaragua, Dying Inside, has more emphasis on the melodic part than the death part. While they are certainly taking cues from the original Swedish scene, their sound is not as close to the traditional Gothenburg sound as one would expect.

Heavy use of powerful drumming, courtesy of Ronal Arroliga, makes for some equally powerful metal, and there are indeed times when the headbanging factor on the band's debut album Dystopia reaches critical mass. Simple processions of guitars, bass and drums drive the music forward in a headbanging-friendly style, but at the same time the quintet's compositions never fully take off and reach their full potential. The melody is there, and the groove likewise, but the climax is either premature or completely absent.

"...the energy they build up in this way isn't fully utilised..."

Dying Inside have got the whole groove thing down, with guitars hanging down by the general groin area, but is feels as though the energy they build up in this way isn't fully utilised to further progress the tracks. At just above 50 minutes in length, the whole album becomes a tedious affair with few highlights.

The Nicaraguan group has good internal dynamics with dual vocals and melodic keyboards, and their easy-to-follow structure lends them credit. But ultimately their riffs fail to impress, and their songs all sound about the same. They keep well away from the outlying borders of their comfort zone tempo wise, and over the course of 11 tracks, the same speed gets old fast.


Released in 2012 by EstelĂ­ en Llamas Records


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