25 May 2016

Eldjudnir: "Angrboda"

Danish underdogs surprise with immense value in a crowded market
Black metal in general has changed a lot over the years, this goes without saying. Where the raw, cold sounds of Mayhem ruled the 90s, the drawn out, foggy compositions of Wolves in the Throne Room rule today. In Denmark, bands like Solbrud and Sunken loom at the front, while Eldjudnir lurks in the background. Eldjudnir is the project of one Jakob Sture, who is also involved in the esoteric blackened death metal band Apparatus, the grindcore ensemble Gestapolis and blackened hardcore group LLNN.

"...quality songwriting is more important than image or themes."

Though not a one-man project, as Sture borrows musicians from various other Danish metal outfits, Eldjudnir is in terms of songwriting the work of a single individual. Drawing upon inspirations from second wave black metal, Angrboda's sound is somewhat of a amicable meeting between new and old. The band is presented not as a group insistent to be innovative and groundbreaking, but rather a band where quality songwriting is more important than image or themes. Eldjudnir curates rushing gales of cold mist and immaculate darkness with their raw streams of atmospherics, their naturalistic riffs and ritual chanting bringing to mind a mix of early Satyricon and Wardruna. 

Innovation is unnecessary when the songwriting and delivery is as convincing as is the case with Eldjudnir's debut album. Throughout the 38 minutes Angrboda takes from beginning to end, each composition is concise and to the point. The album is short enough to keep things interesting and without overdoing anything or returning to the same elements over and over, and yet is long enough to make for a fulfilling listening experience.


Released in 2012 by Schattenkult Produktionen


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