23 May 2016

Beyond Mortal Dreams: "Dreaming Death"

Exceeding critical mass as the band explodes
Expectations mean a lot. When a band severely exceeds expectations, that makes for a whole different experience. With a name like Beyond Mortal Dreams, you sure wouldn't expect death metal as convincing and heavy as is the case with the Dreaming Death EP.

The band has been around in some form or another since the early 90s, but didn't adopt the Beyond Mortal Dreams moniker before 1995. Their long history lends them a certain credibility which is brutally underscored by the vicious skills in the art of death metal. Dreaming Death is only the fourth release as Beyond Mortal Dreams, but it speaks volumes of the band's abilities and of great things to come.

"Their compositions are more advanced than the usual straight forward stuff,"

The Dreaming Death EP from 2012 lends strength in heaviness, agility in speed and wisdom in intensity. The filthy guitar tone churning out gut-wrenching riffs brings to mind bands like Mitochondrion, Portal or Antediluvian, but the Australian trio is far less esoteric - Though just as hard hitting. Their compositions are more advanced than the usual straight forward stuff, but never at the cost of listenability, creating instead an atmosphere of imposing intensity perpetuated by a feeling of never knowing what will come next, and yet nodding in anticipation once the band erupts.

Beyond Mortal Dreams are neither high, mid or low tempo metal. Each part has its own destructive speed, where drums form a sturdy foundation for the veritable meat grinder of guitars and vocals. There are tons of hooks on this carnal show of ferocity and aggression, making the Dreaming Death EP every bit as memorable as one could want.


Released in 2012 independently (2013 through Lavadome Productions)


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