17 May 2016

Soliloquium: "When Silence Grows Venomous"

Promising delivery of captivating ideas
Soliloquium started out in Sweden in 2011, and already by 2012 they had released this demo. The band consists of two people, Jonas Bergkvist and Stefan Nordström, both also part of the bands Ending Quest and Desolator. For Soliloquium the duo have held on to their death metal roots, but by mixing it with a cold and melancholic strain of doom metal, the aesthetic changes drastically. Seeming almost customary for the region of Northern Europe, their style recalls early Katatonia, Swallow the Sun, Ghost Brigade, October Tide and the like.

A short demo indeed, When Silence Grows Venomous presents only two songs. But what Soliloquium lack in quantity, they make up for in length and quality. With a distinctly melodic and desolate sound, the duo have crafted a few compositions that in quality and feel resemble the bands mentioned earlier, but not without adding their own subtle touches. There is definite skill and flair to be found among their sombre chords and notes, not to mention the skillful balancing between nimble flurries and lumbering stomps.

"...summoned into existence through the channeling of great sources of inspiration."

Their longest passages tend to go on a bit too long without any definite conclusion, instead trailing off into uncertainty. As such Garden of Truculence and Autumn State never really build that hard-hitting momentum, and as a result never find their ultimate climax. Their slowly churning kick drum rhythms trustily pushes compositions ever onward, driven also in part by the melodic guitar work. When Silence Grows Venomous is a force summoned into existence through the channeling of great sources of inspiration. Looking forward, it anticipates promising things to come, encompassing a vast feel of melancholy which is at the same time both expansive and claustrophobic.


Released in 2012 independently

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