3 Apr 2016

Malfeitor: "Dum Morior Orior"

Standing in the shadows of giants, peeking out every once in a while
Malfeitor was originally concieved right at the height of popularity of Swedish death metal in the early 90s - But even so, their name doesn't invoke the same reverence that bands like Dismember or Grave do, possibly because they seemingly never amounted to any form of release during their original five year tenure in Sweden's capitol. After a fifteen year break, the band reformed in 2010 with two of its original members, guitarist Benny Moberg and vocalist slash bassist Mattias Parkkila, both of which were also involved in Blood Mortized - Another Swedish death metal band.

"At first the band's late debut doesn't do much."

Since their resurgence, Malfeitor have achieved a demo, a split and with Dum Morior Orior also an album. Though the album in question doesn't feature the well-known Sunlight Studio guitar sound that has become a trademark of the Swedish death metal sound, there is still something distinctly Swedish about Malfeitor's approach in the inherent malevolence of their melodies and arrangements. At first the band's late debut doesn't do much. It comes off as mundane, garden-variety death metal, and Malfeitor fail to achieve critical mass and instead just keep on ringing the doorbell at the residence of death metal legends, only to run away before someone answers the door.

Even so the base for their death metal shenanigans is a solid one, built on the hallmarks of many regional scenes. The fact that they lived the haydays of Swedish death metal is apparent in that manner, but it is a dish best served at maximum volume with a beer or two. Dum Morior Orior is an album filled with tracks that don't stand well on their own, but as part of a whole makes for great idle-music. Determining high points on the Swedish trio's debut album is tough because no tracks truly stand out, but even so Scenes From A Slaughterhouse and Rolling With Corpses seem to be standing just a head taller than the rest. The album's 40 minutes of death metal will serve its purpose if you let it, but compared to the legends of old Malfeitor fall short.


Released in 2012 on Hellthrasher Productions


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