2 Apr 2016

Garoted: "Evil Personified"

Strong death metal performance
Whether you enjoy your death metal at a high or low pace, there's bound to always be hordes of bands to satisfy your needs. If breakneck speeds are what gets you off, look no further than Garoted from Nebraska, USA, to fill your appetite. This band does not waste time building atmosphere, and even if crazy speeds and demented blast beats are what dominate their music most of their tracks exceed five minutes in length. The hallmark growled vocals, grisly riffs and ripping drums are all present to form an explosion of old school death metal on the Evil Personified EP.

"the entire EP... ...is both memorable, sinister and brutally well-organised."

Now, long track times is not automatically a good thing. The concise and straight to the point nature of shorter tracks carries merrit of its own, but when songwriters manage to actually play something interesting that fits a longer format there's no reason to limit oneself. While Garoted's downtuned guitars and high speeds lends the music a chaotic feel, the entire EP - but the first two tracks in particular - is both memorable, sinister and brutally well-organised.

There is an exception to the greatness: The two final tracks, Heretic Fire and a cover of Deicide's Oblivious to Evil, are for some reason considerably worse in sound quality than the first two, breaking the otherwise good flow that the American quartet put forth. The songs are still good in their own right - although the cover seems a bit unnecessary - but their different sound makes it seem like they were recorded in a different setting.

Garoted's Evil Personified EP from 2011 leaves no time for a break. If you're really into fast, no frills death metal, this band is your go-to riff pusher. It is intensely fierce and the opening tracks both speak of immense talent.


Released in 2011 independently

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