1 Apr 2016

Com Truise: "Silicon Tare"

The trendsetter returns with another genious EP
Right from the release of his first EP, Cyanide Sisters in 2010, Com Truise - the pseudonym of one Seth Haley - has been steadily gaining a dedicated following. With the Galactic Melt debut album from 2011 things really started to get out of control, and people all over the world have been falling in love with Com Truise' dreamy semi-80s frequencies at a rapid pace. Through what Haley himself calls "mid-fi synthwave slow-mo funk" has made a niche for himself that is now, more than ever, much more than just a corner market.

Culminating in the upcoming EP Silicon Tare, Com Truise's music has becoming less and less repetitious and more and more experimenting. The collection soulful glares found on the American musician's newest EP reveals synthetic mantras that are considerably more kinetic than previously, with synths plucking gently away through washes of gated ambience and beats that are a departure from the usual kick-snare-kick-snare setup. In a way Silicon Tare is his least 80s-sounding release to date; Where previous efforts were close to carbon copies of Miami Vice-era instrumental synthpop, this EP merely draws on the period for inspiration, combining its trademark sounds in a much more modern setting.

"...his latest effort affords a more dramatic approach to his hallmark laid back atmosphere."

While Diffraction, the first track to be released from the EP, is arguably among the best of the lot in its concise and intimate nature, it is also one of his more backwards-reaching compositions. Where his previous release, the Wave 1 EP from 2014, felt a bit meandering and impersonal, his latest effort affords a more dramatic approach to his hallmark laid back atmosphere. Lounging around in the sunny South, Haley's approach this time twists and turns between his usual lounging sun-pop style and a more heavy handed sound with more percussive rhythms working together with thick, simplistic basslines to invoke that nostalgic feeling of nightime arcades, sprawling citylife and beach relaxation.

The synthesiser wizard shows us with Silicon Tare why Com Truise is the reigning master of chillwave. The EP is both reaching backwards and forwards through time, taking inspiration from that classic era, but also lighting the way for the continuation of the style. At the same time both highly contemporary and traditional, yet profoundly progressive. Keep it up.


Released in 2016 by Ghostly International


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