31 Mar 2016

Silent Carrion: "Andras"

Droning trips through industrial-religious rituals
The sunny slopes of Italy is what Scaia, the sole member of Silent Carrion, calls home. However, the feeling of a baking afternoon sun, the view over olive groves and terracotta rooftops and the scent of dry grass and red wine is far from what Silent Carrion invokes or calls upon for inspiration.

Switch out the setting described above with the manic teachings of some obscure doomsday cult hidden away beneath the deepest basements of the seediest nightclub in the bad part of a nightmarish urban metropolis where its inhabitants have grown weary and deaf from the sound of corporations clamoring over the attention of the consumers. Putting into words exactly what Silent Carrion sounds like can be difficult, especially because Andras is rather inconsistent as an album. It is ritualistically repetitive with a touch of medieval, yet presents also vast wastelands of gothic industrial.

"Scaia's efforts under the guise of Silent Carrion swerves from place to place,"

Beneath it all lurks a constant drone, serving in a way to pull the tracks together in a dark singularity. Scaia's efforts under the guise of Silent Carrion swerves from place to place, never fully resting anywhere for more than a few minutes. There are comparissons to be made to the soundtracks from the early Silent Hill games, and to influential industrial groups like Throbbing Gristle or Nurse with Wound, and from time to time also to prominent trip-hop groups like Massive Attack. Especially the track Fear Spreads Like Plague reminded me of MA's Inertia Creeps.

Some will find his music to be the soundtrack to their nightmares, while others will enjoy it immensely. When an album explores such a host of differing territories it seems pertinent to discuss which part works the best, and there is no doubt in my mind that Silent Carrion's best material is that which enters the deeper reaches of the mind through hypnotic litanies and tenebrous ambience. Andras is an impressive journey through the different mindsets of Scaia. His quirky melodies and odd arrangements is sure to turn heads, and it really is something out of the ordinary.


Released in 2012 independently


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