16 Mar 2018

Galdur: "Age of Legends"

Un-cheesy dungeon music masterpiece
Though at first glance micro-genres like dungeon synth can sound rather restrictive and samey across numerous artists, there are several roads you can take as an artist. Some opt for a folk-inspired approach with many classical, real life instruments, while others emulate the midi-soundtracks of old fantasy RPGs for a more synthetic feel. Others still resort to a more true-to-life orchestral feel. You can count Galdur's 2016 opus Age of Legends among the latter.

Galdur's music has a very distinct cinematic feel. Though likely ill-suited for an actual Hollywood-production, the musical scope of Age of Legends - his second album, preceeded by 2014's Born By Stars And Moon and succeeded by Wizardry from 2017 - matches the grandness of Tolkien's universe, its details running as deep as the Mines of Moria.

"Every track is instantly memorable and absolutely enthralling,"

Though Galdur's vision of Middle-Earth feels more classically fantastic than the movie versions, Age of Legends pulls you into a realm of warlike percussion and dangerous fanfares with lingering melodies. Every track is instantly memorable and absolutely enthralling, boasting a plethora of instrumentals across several compositions.

If your entry into dungeon synth came through black metal, Galdur is definitely more Summoning than Burzum. Where many artists - especially in music inspired partly by classical symphonies and arrangements - end up composing every piece largely on the same foundation with the same build-up of instruments, the Ukranian musician uses a larger variety throughout Age of Legends to create his many peeks into the lore of Middle-Earth. This is part of what sets an album like this apart from many contemporaries, and also why it continues to work.


Released in 2016 by Werewolf Promotion


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