9 Mar 2018

Death Keepers: "Rock This World"

Corner-cutting heavy/power mixture
As far as Judas Priest and general late 70s/early 80s heavy metal worship goes, this Spanish leather-clad outfit are pretty good. If you aim to stay true to the roots, there's only so much you can do, and with the limited possibilities of the style, Death Keepers make just a little more than the most of it.

"Rock This World ... takes few chances with the formula on an overall level,"

Though Fighter Records is still a relatively new label in early 2018, the style is starting to become very apparent with groups like Death Keepers and Bolido within its ranks. Death Keepers' debut, Rock This World, takes few chances with the formula on an overall level, but a few definite notes of power metal like Avantasia or Rhapsody does become apparent in the highly sing-alongable choruses.

It's decadent and flashy, but with saucy choruses and guitar solos like this I'd wish they would go all out, full ham on the cheese. To a degree, Rock This World feels rather safe. It's all very mid-paced, and it feels like the band with this lengthy album (50+ minutes!) felt too insecure to cut out the most boring ones. Of the 11 tracks on Rock This World, 3 or 4 probably shouldn't have made the cut, and as a result the album becomes a bit tedious in the long run.


Released in 2018 by Fighter Records


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