2 Feb 2018

Anialator: "Rise to Supremacy"

Resuscitated thrashers on life-support
When an underground 80s metal band resurfaces some 30 years after their last true release, you really got to ask yourself if today's thrash metal scene has a place for them. Anialator never had a real breakthrough with their twin EPs in the late 80s, likely facing an oversaturated scene that was already beginning to move toward a different style.
"...there isn't much legitimacy to the name..."

With this limited original output - and perhaps also limited originality? - the short answer is more or less a resounding "no", but there might be a caveat to that conclusion. With only two members from the original run returning to reform Anialator, there isn't much legitimacy to the name - In a way, it feels like they're merely leeching off the limited recognition the name might garner from hardcore thrash maniacs.

Though Rise to Supremacy really is way over produced, there's definitely some raw muscle and power behind the song writing. The guitar tone is atrocious to say the least, but the barbarity of the strikingly simple but ruthlessly fast rhythms holds some merit. But compared to the superb offerings from newcomers, Anialator's latest doesn't stack up all that well, old-timers or not.


Released in 2018 by Xtreem Music


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