26 Jan 2018

Bolido: "Heavy Bombers"

Stone cold heavy metal bombardment
Chile's heavy rock meteorites Bolido pretty much sound exactly like you'd expect from an album with a harsh, angular band logo adorning a picture of war planes carpet bombing the Earth with guitar munitions from orbit. Bolido's brand of heavy and moderately fast classic metal is a strictly no-frills experience, but does it have thrills then? The band's noticably thunderous rhythm section surely brings some personality to their compositions, but with this sort of retro-styled metal it's always a matter of whether or not the band is capable of matching the massive hooks that made the bands that inspired them huge to begin with.

"...there's plenty of hard rockin' 70s in the mix..."

On Heavy Bombers, the answer is that these boys are just more than adequately capable of living up to the standard set by the likes of Thin Lizzy and Judas Priest. Bolido isn't all heavy metal - there's plenty of hard rockin' 70s in the mix too. The best tracks aren't just squandered on the first half of the album. Tracks like Rock n Roll Days and the title track, while not exactly modern day Stone Cold Sweat or Breaking the Law, have an element of sing-along the way that we all like it, but the guitars could be a bit more crisp and adventurous to match the rhythms and voices of the band.


Released in 2017 by Fighter Records


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