2 Jan 2018

2018: The Future of TONEwood

2018, and What the Future Holds for TONEwood
Okay, the title sounds really serious and foreboding, but TONEwood isn't closing down just yet. After a few weeks of Christmas vacation, TONEwood should return to its regular updating schedule (new stuff every Friday) on the 5th of January.

Regarding TONEwood Tapes, I'm currently planning the next release which will be a split release between two highly relevant Danish rock/metal bands. I'm hoping to release many more tapes in 2018 in various genres, like we did in 2017. The editions will likely still be kept small, as we still have a considerable amount of stock on previous titles!

In regards to the writing on TONEwood, I will likely try out a shorter review format. This approach has many advantages I think. Firstly, a shorter review format will allow for me to review much more music. Secondly, I believe it will fit better with people's reading preferences, thus improving readership. Thirdly, it will allow me to focus on writing larger pieces, such as articles that require a larger amount of research.

As always, a new year means new shipping prices. And I'll be the first to tell you that it now sucks more than ever. PostNord, the Scandinavian postal service, has bumped up the prices - especially on international shipping - once again. It's really boring to read about, but across the board it has generally become 0,5 € more expensive to ship.

I'm hoping that Tictail - the shopping platform that TONEwood uses - will wise up and implement a weight-based shipping system rather than the one it has now. Other Tictail store owners, please write to Tictail and let's make this happen!

I will add a few products that I received in December to the shop very soon, so keep checking back!

Thanks for all the support in 2017, and I hope you'll continue to enjoy TONEwood in its third year of existence! If you've got some grandma change from the holidays, please consider spending a bit in the TONEwood shop over at Tictail!

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