1 Dec 2017

Voëmmr: "Nox Maledictvs"

Harsh black metal only for the most incarnated
Voëmmr is one of those bands that subscribe to the ultra cult of mystery and obscurity. Very little is known about them officially, except their belonging to the Aldebaran Circle which also includes bands like Ordem Satânica, Trono Além Morte and Occelenbriig. Nox Maledictvs, though labeled a demo, is the group's debut album of clamouring black noise.

Nox Maledictvs is a shuddering temple ruin of raw black metal. Some of the guitar work is as weird as it comes, like someone who almost literally just picked up the instrument for the first time and started clattering away with very little rhyme or reason. Though the massive use of underlying synth gives Voëmmr an early 90s feel, like some sort of aborted child between Emperor, Mayhem and Limbonic Art, the main mood dial is set to - and stuck at - rambling chaos.

"...they substitute interesting and unique riffs with a more old school simplicity."

The Portuguese ensemble has some really intense musical swells going on here and there, and the atmosphere is totally raw like a fresh wound sprinkled with salt. But unlike bands such as Cultes Des Ghoules or Void Meditation Cult, whose sound their production is somewhat akin to, they substitute interesting and unique riffs with a more old school simplicity.

For you to thoroughly enjoy Nox Maledictvs by Voëmmr, you would have to be a big fan of noisy, raw black metal like Sutekh Hexen or Havohej. This album is a piece that relies very heavily on an aesthetic and a concept rather than the merit of their songwriting, the craftsmanship of their atmosphere or the performance on their instruments. It's definitely not for everyone.


Released in 2017 by Harvest of Death


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