5 Dec 2017

Collection Addiction #6

Collection Addiction #6
This is definitely a smaller lot than usual - Most of it I got from a good friend, and the rest I purchased at a recent show in Aalborg, Denmark with Blood Incantation, Spectral Voice and the mighty Anatomia.

Europe: Wings of Tomorrow
Europe: Prisoners of Paradise
I'm definitely a sucker for Europe. The Final Countdown can suck it, and if that's your only acquaintance with the band I don't blame you for despising them. However, listen to basically any other song from them and you're in for a ride of really good 80s hard rock and heavy metal. These two I got from a friend, and they definitely needed a good cleaning to really come through, but they're pretty good now.

Nortt: Ligfærd
I really like Nortt, but for some reason Ligfærd has ended up being the only album I've got. But then I've got it on both CD, vinyl and now also tape. Weird. Great, depressive album for sure, but the tape itself doesn't seem to match what info I can find online, so it might be a bootleg copy. Still nice to have since I got it from a friend, and the sound is pretty good as well.

Transgressor: Ether for Scapegoat
Along with the Anatomia tape I got these at the show mentioned earlier. In Denmark we were fortunate enough for the tour of Blood Incantation and Spectral Voice to include Japan's death-doom masters Anatomia, and I ended up getting a few shirts as well. Transgressor is some really sick old school death metal featuring Anatomia drummer-vocalist Takashi Tanaka. If you're in any way interested in bands like Asphyx, Autopsy or Coffins you had better check out Ether for Scapegoat. It's the only album they ever recorded (back in 1992), but it's totally rotten to the gore and balls to the wall.

Anatomia: Cranial Obsession Promo 2017
Unfortunately the new Anatomia album wasn't quite out yet (or rather the band hadn't gotten their copies yet), but at least the band were selling this promo tape really cheap. It serves as a very nice demo of what was to come, and now that the album is properly out I can tell you that it's absolutely worth getting. At this point in time I suppose this promo tape is mostly for collectors, but it's cool to have and pop on even if you've got the tape version of the full length.

That's it for this installment. The next segments will come whenever I get new stuff worth posting. Smaller hauls will likely get thrown together for one larger post.

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