21 Nov 2017

Collection Addiction #5

Collection Addiction #5
This is another lot from the ReSpin shop, so it's a bunch of second hand stuff. All of it pretty cheap, over a broad spectrum of genres and styles. Not really records I've been systematically looking for, but nice additions nonetheless!

Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five: The Message
Ooooh boy. This one was dirt cheap, and with good reason. Even after a thorough cleaning, the vinyl still has a lot of noise, and the cover is one of those that is barely even held together at the corners. But as a place holder until a better copy comes along, it's just fine. Even if you don't know Grandmaster Flash, you definitely know the hit The Message, and the rest of the album is a really nice mix of funk and early hip hop too.

KC and the Sunshine Band: Their Greatest Hits
KC and the Sunshine Band is one of those bands where you don't fully realise how many hits they've made. From That's the Way (I Like It) to Shake Your Booty, this compilation album is a trove of 70s and 80s funk and disco hits. It's highly commercial, sure, and I'm not sure I'd ever listen to one of their regular albums in full, but as a party record this one is the best.

Exuma: Reincarnation
Honestly I had no idea that Bahamian freak folk/calypso artist Exuma had made any albums after Exuma I and II. Reincarnation, however, is his fifth album, and compared to his earlier efforts there's a distinct focus on more mainstream friendly compositions, even though that quirky Exuma personality is still shining through. I miss the more dramatic, ritualistic tunes that felt like traditional Bahamian folk music, but Reincarnation is not without its charm.

Gary Moore: Still Got the Blues
This is a really classic album, so when I ran across it crazy cheap I had to grab it. The production values and attention to detail - as well as the songwriting and Moore's performance of course - is just astounding and is part of what makes this album stand the test of time so well.

I'll admit that I'm a sucker for 70s and 80s arena rock, and few do it as well as TOTO with songs like Roseanne and Africa. It's not an album I'll put on and thoroughly listen to, but it's perfect for casual listening - especially since it's a pretty cheap record these days.

Isaac Hayes: Groove-a-Thon
You can never really go wrong with a soul heavy weight such as Isaac Hayes. His voice is easily recognisable, and his groove and skills in mixing the dancability and character of funk and soul is world class. That being said, apart from the title track, Groove-a-Thon is a pretty ordinary album, perhaps leaning a bit too much toward the more disco side of things for my taste. It's Isaac Hayes, but it feels like Isaac Hayes resting on the laurels a bit too much.

Osibisa: Woyaya
I picked this up on a whim. I had never heard of Osibisa, but the Roger Dean artwork hits home easily with me. As it turns out Osibisa is an outfit comprised of African and Caribbean musicians playing some really engaging jazz-infused latin rock, not entirely unlike stuff such as Santana, but with a more exotic tinge. It's really good stuff, so I'll definitely be looking much more into their vast discography.

That's it for this installment. The next segments will come whenever I get new stuff worth posting. Smaller hauls will likely get thrown together for one larger post.

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