8 Sep 2017

Slamophiliac: "Slam Rehab"

Underwritten solo-slam for beginners
In a year where several newcomers and oldies have already released absolutely insane albums, Slamophiliac faces a tough situation. Darryn Palmer, slamophiliac extraordinaire and lover of the loathesome, is one of those types of musicians who may have bitten off more than he can chew. He has dozens of similar bands going simultaneously, most of them in the brutal death metal spectrum. The fact that Slam Rehab sounds like a hackneyed surgery could very possibly be due to his busy release schedule - Slam Rehab is already his second album in 2017 with Slamophiliac.

Brutal death metal - and by extension also slam - most certainly doesn't have to be smart about it, but even by these standards Slamophiliac is a bit low brow. Track titles like Punched with a Forklift are simply too spastic, lame and weak. What makes slamming death metal awesome is the groove, but Slamophiliac's sense of groove matches the fashion sense of suburban dads.

"...everything is just slam this and slam that."

With Slam Rehab, Darryn Palmer shows absolutely no restraint at all; The process seems to be 'throw everything and see what sticks'. From the band name, over the album and song titles to the music itself, everything is just slam this and slam that. The faster parts lack impact, and the slower parts don't quite have that sledgehammer-to-the-face effect that I like in my brutal death metal.

When all is said and done Slamophiliac has little to offer that other bands don't already do infinitely better. The whole oreal is always merely adequate, but nothing more. The drum sound - especially the snare - is noticably atrocious, and the guitars lack punch. Palmer's vocals (and the many guest vocalists he is joined by on Slam Rehab) are definitely the main appeal here, but even so it's definitely not enough to elevate the album from its place in the thoroughly unexceptional.


Released in 2017 by CDN Records


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