1 Sep 2017

Panikk: "Discarded Existence"

Hits and misses from Slovenia
The worst thing a band can suffer from is being part of the dime a dozen crowd. At least if you're absolutely terrible you'll still stand out. Nothing is more taunting and antagonistic than a band that is just boring. During my first run through Discarded Existence, the second album from Slovenia's Panikk, this was my immediate concern with these thrashers.

Make no mistake: Panikk are dilligent students of Exodus, Vio-lence and Forbidden. Through the 40-minute album experience they've got their fair share of half-progressive riffs like on Individual Rights and heavier mosh parts such as on Under Pretence and Rotten Cells. But the troubles begin when the sound and performance in itself is lacking in personality.

"Panikk sounds more or less like any other modern thrash band,"

They've got the chops and are obviously accomplished wranglers of their respective tools of trade, but there is close to nothing captivating about the unindividualistic lack of charm displayed on Discarded Existence. Panikk sounds more or less like any other modern thrash band where overdone polishing has buffed away any kinks and tells as to their characteristics as a band.

Discarded Existence provides a listening experience that splits right down the middle between being either so run of the mill it hurts and being adequate. Panikk definitely have their moments, but on this overproduced collection of songs there is simply too little energy in the high tempos and too little anger to be felt in the down-picked riffs.


Released in 2017 by Xtreem Music


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