8 May 2017

Non Opus Dei & Morowe: "Dziwki Dwie"

Impressive and different black metal from Poland, taking jabs at the inadequacies of the established scene
In the case of this split EP by Polish country-mates Non Opus Dei and Morowe there's a little more going on than the old "two bands getting together to release something" schtick. Non Opus Dei have been gracing Europe with several old school black metal albums since the late 90s, their sound representative for the time, if at times venturing further. Morowe, in the same manner, are a product of their times, only they are a much younger band. These guys are definitely not afraid of pushing the boundaries of black metal, and together these two groups represent old and new.

Morowe and Non Opus Dei aren't too far removed from each other stylistically, and their general aesthetic compliments each other sufficiently to communicate each band's individual strength. Both bands offer up three choice cuts created especially for the Dziwki Dwie split release, and both offerings are good for quite a few listens.

"...especially Morowe manage to impress with unusual rhythm sections,"

Both Non Opus Dei and Morowe have found their style in clinical and simple song structure progressions, and while mostly sort of ordinary in execution, there are definite highlights, such as Kat Kota by Morowe. There are plenty of recognisable riffs and interesting tactical advances to be found on Dziwki Dwie from either part, but especially Morowe manage to impress with unusual rhythm sections and strange ideas that never come off as merely artsy black metal for the sake of adding a "post-" in front of your genre tag. 

Dziwki Dwie is a great example of how a split can work as something other than just a co-op release. The bands compliment each other without overlapping too much, and none severely outshine the other. It obviously helps, too, that the songs found on the split don't sound like garbage on the verge of being thrown out because it wasn't good enough for an album. While many of the old originators of the genre are busy reinventing themselves as edgy speed metal bands or playing opera houses accompanied by unnecessary orchestras and choirs, this is the part of the scene still all about kicking ass.


Released in 2013 by Witching Hour Productions


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