12 May 2017

Devil: "To the Gallows"

Devil's got what most forget - Heart and substance!
With their latest opus, To the Gallows, Norway's Devil continue to go out on various classic heavy and doom metal tangents with their own inspirations laid bare for all to see. 70's hard rock and early heavy metal is the name of the game, and it's a game that Devil play exceptionally well.

Devil has gotten progressively less and less doom-and-gloomy, but the themes have stuck throughout their three albums. Their core, however, remains the same as always, with dark and driven riffs powering forward toward its ultimate destiny as a mighty warship of world-eating heavy metal.

"It's never too serious or too over the top,"

Shadowy riffs aside, To the Gallows is energetic, and just a bit of fun. It's never too serious or too over the top, even if the Norwegians certainly aren't skimping on classic metal tropes, but at the same time it feels authentic and real, and very unpretentious because it feels like Devil play from the heart.

The vocal performance is very down to earth and the vocal melodies lighthearted and invigorating. The album has a simple rhythm to it and an almost juvenile approach to classic heavy metal, and at times this makes it come off as a bit pedestrian, but it works because there's no style over substance; Mainly just cool songwriting and phenomenal riffs.


Released in 2017 by Soulseller Records


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