21 Apr 2017

Oliver: "Mechanical"

Fans of retro-future synth music, behold!
Though the duo known as Oliver hails from Los Angeles, their sound could easily see them mistaken for a French house group, and indeed they compare favourably to the likes of Justice with a production job as crisp as the air on an exceptionally cold and dry winters day.

Performing with a highly percussive style, their retro-future aesthetic takes on funky rhythms and pulsating drums in what could best be described as climactic build-ups with devastating pay-off. They never resort to the cheap thrill of a dumbed-down bass drop, but rather let their hard hitting arrangements speak their own language through throbbing synths.

From wild funk-outs drenched in sunset colours, over druggy nocturnal raves to thrilling party rockers, Oliver delivers engaging performance after performance with clever - but classic - use of ripping keys and synths.

"Mechanical never comes off as trying too hard,"

The four-song EP Mechanical is exceptionally multi-faceted, but is tied together by a brightly glowing string of neon and compositions centred around being straight up fun to listen to. Mechanical never comes off as trying too hard, but rather adopts the 80s feel in such a manner that it would be hard to imagine the songs found on it without that romantic tinge. It's an exercise in moderation and classic composition, being equal parts modern and retro in one of the most compelling EPs that keeps you wanting more and coming back for years.


Released in 2013 by Fool's Gold Records


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