17 Apr 2017

Incarceration: "Sacrifice"

The apex predator of death metal
Having garnered much praise through numerous reviews, the Brazilian/German death-thrashers Incarceration are now more or less a household name within certain circles of death. I had the extreme pleasure of witnessing their performance at the last edition of the Danish death metal festival, Kill-Town Death Fest, where they played the smallest stage, Dødsmaskinen. Witnessing their savage performance seemed like a privilege in itself, especially with frontman Daniel sporting his trademark grin throughout the show in front of a packed house. 

The band's 2013 EP Sacrifice is where things really start to gain traction. Despite what the title might suggest, no expence has been spared in the production of this EP, and not one second goes to waste. From start to finish, this is roughly 10 minutes of wild and furious death metal the way it's meant to be. Incarceration draws heavily upon the sinister regional sound of South America, but presents the style in a much more varied and well-produced manner.

"Incarceration aren't fans of slowing down to catch a breather,"

Sacrifice mostly consists of classic death metal songwriting, but there are definite hints of other genres as well. Especially the closing track, Cemetery of Lies, relies on some punked-up mosh parts, letting go of the mainstay two-beat drum rhythm for just a little while. Incarceration aren't fans of slowing down to catch a breather, and as such the pace is kept at an excedingly brisk tempo - Fast, yet precise.

Most old school extreme metal bands like Bathory, Hellhammer or Venom weren't exactly known for their tightness. Obviously most of them has since been remembered as being infamously sloppy. But as genres started showing more definition, so did the ability of the musicians! And in that regard, Incarceration is top of the food chain - The apex predator of death metal. There's nothing sloppy about the way they churn out these three exceptional death metal tracks, even if their tempo goes through the roof. It has the same chaotic feel as the bands of yore, but everything is completely under control. Keep a look out for their flesh-rending guitar hooks, demonic screams and blasting battery.


Released in 2013 by F.D.A. Rekotz

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